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Parwen Well is a female Traveler that can be found in the Sun Camp, and is usually first encountered for the quest Return to Sender.


Can be found in the Sun Camp, or in Whitestone's Thirsty Wench tavern if the Travelers faction quest line has been completed upon Grim Onwig's behalf.


Return to Sender



We don't deal in swords and wars, or magic. Clever hands and quick eyes are what suit a Traveler best.

when asked about the Travelers

After siding with Grim Onwig

Have you seen what happened to Sun Camp? I'm lucky I made it out alive! The gnomes led a sortie through the place. Most ran. A few were arrested. It was a madhouse. And now, they're saying the Hierophant is in chains. Do you think -- this was all Grim Onwig's doing?

when first encountered after completing the Travelers questline for Grim Onwig

Who knows where the woman is now. They're saying that she was the Hierophant. She was always loyal... guess that's why. But I hear she's wearing chains either way. And her camp... is no more.

when asked about Argine, Queen of Staves

Haven't you heard, stranger? There's no Sun Camp anymore. Not after what the gnomes did to it.

when asked about Sun Camp

I can't -- Argine was the Hierophant? Under our noses all this time? And now, she's in chains somewhere... What will the Travelers do without the Hierophant? There has always been one; and more importantly, what will Sun Camp do without Argine?

when asked about the Hierophant