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Is it really so hard to understand? Have you never been in love?


Patrick is a mage that lives in Mel Aglir after his wife's death.



The Unquiet Bride - the main antagonist


"On a darkling wind she rose, gripped within impassioned throes. And I, her chosen witness proud, did fall beneath her endless shroud." Something about you reminded me of the verse... of course the poet was discussing death. I am Patrick Morkan. How may I be of assistance?

upon first encountering him

During the quest "The Unquiet Bride"

Ah, her. A particularly belligerent woman, if I recall. I believe she left our village recently, to parts unknown. Master Dace made quite the fuss -- apparently she left her possessions in a footlocker in her room. I suppose she left in a hurry.

when asked Have you seen Lerkara Fel?

This isn't what it looks like... ah, fine. I'll admit it. I tried to bring her back from the grave. Is it really so hard to understand? Have you never been in love? I'll say one thing... your timing is impeccable. I think she's hungry, and you'll make quite the feast!

upon confronting him in his cellar


  • Patrick Morkan hides a torture chamber just underground his own house. You can steal his keys to unlock the room.
  • Perhaps in keeping with his necromantic capabilities, if the Fateless One decides to murder Morkan and return after the town's hostility cools, Morkan will somehow reappear alive and unharmed.
  • He appears to be wearing plain Silk Robes.