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A great Traveler's name is on the lips of every tavern maid, given enough time. They're the ones with true legacy.


Phasmer Humm is an Almain traveler that is first met at Moon Camp. He dislikes the worship that the Hierophant receives from a big part of the travelers..

Phasmer has an important role within the faction's main questline.



Aye? Glad to see someone else who isn't a lily-giglet. Moon Camp's as much a mummer's farce as it is a Traveler camp.

upon your first encounter with him.

Runs the show. Literally. Thinks we should all be in garters and lip-paint. His wife, Maire, used to keep him in control, but now she's left him. Can't imagine why.

when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.

Maire? She seems like a talented enough woman. But she's soft-headed for that damned Hierophant. I hear about her leaving Irion. Maybe the time away from the old seer will give her some clear thought, for once.

when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups.

Moon Camp is fine. I mean, it seems all the Travelers would rather rob a noble woman's rouge than her purse. But I'm not judging. The leadership here does lap up the words of the Hierophant, though. Like a bunch of mangy curs, looking for a morsel.

when asked about Moon Camp.

Good riddance.

After completing Thick as Thieves:

We did it. We got out from under that rock and left the Hierophant in chains. We're the true Travelers, now. Free.
Well, I've been to Telogrus' den and back, but it feels calm to be at this place once more. Grim's running things here, now. He said, in time. I might take the reigns. That'll show these spur-galled layabouts!

when asked about Moon Camp

They're a bit lost without the Hierophant, but they'll be able to get through it in time. Grim, Crilgarin and I are here and we'll make sure they see the light.

when asked about the Travelers