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This parcel contains medicine that could be used by a skilled healer.


Plagueshield is a quest item for the side quest Plagueshield. A total of 3 Plagueshields must be collected and returned to Astrid Frisk in Didenhil to complete the quest.


Plagueshield can be found in the following locations:

  • Looted from the corpse of Brother Fallon found next to an overturned cart being raided by Red Legion bandits on a bend in the road to the west of Didenhil.
  • From a Red Legion bandit that can be found just north of the overturned cart mentioned above. The bandit will attempt to flee, and must be pursued to a Red Legion encampment in the northeastern region of Glendara. The Plagueshield can be looted from the bandit's corpse.
  • Looted from a small bag found beside the road heading north towards St. Hadwyn's Mission along the western edge of Glendara.