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Nestled in the hearts of the Faelands, the Plains of Erathell is a varied land rich with history and magic. Bordering Dalentarth and Detyre, Erathell overlooks the Phorian Strait, the waterway known to the Fae as Driana's Vain. From the majestic mountain Skycrown to the stunning architecture of Rathir, the land holds breathtaking sights that fill travelers with awe. Some of the Alfar settlements in the east were destroyed by the Tuatha in the recent invasion, and refugees from these villages have set up temporary homes on the Forsaken Plain. The Alfar also built a number of fortresses throughout Erathell, most of them have fallen to the Tuatha and other attackers, with only Dolve Arne and Kandrian Keep still in Alfar hands. In addition to the Tuatha, the people of Erathell live in fear of the Freemen, deserters from the Alfar Army who have formed bandit groups to prey on civilians. Though the legendary birthplace of the Summer Fae is located in the Cradle of Summer in the west of Erathell, the Summer Fae have almost completely withdrawn from the plains. Summer Fae are almost never seen outside the Cradle, and they are less active in Erathell than in other parts of Alfaria.


The Plains of Erathell is situated in the east of Alfaria, bordered on all four sides - to the north by the Frostbreak Sea, to the east by Driana's Vein, to the south by Detyre and to the west by Dalentarth. The region is subdivided into eight areas, it includes four Alfar villages (Ayten, Emaire, Mel Aglir and Tirin's Rest), the Warsworn stronghold of Helmgard Keep, and the Travelers Moon Camp. The Dokkalfar capital of Rathir is the largest settlement in this region.



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