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Plumbs are a type of core component in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. They are used in blacksmithing to craft Hammers. Each Plumb provides a base amount of Physical Damage.


These Plumbs are used to craft Hammers:

Plumb Rank Physical Damage Level req
Iron Plumb Iron 34
Steel Plumb Steel 61 4
Azurite Plumb Azurite 101 9
Sylvanite Plumb Sylvanite 158
Prismere Plumb Prismere 209

Primal Plumbs[]

These are used to craft Hammers with the Primal Damage:

Plumb Rank Physical damage continuous Primal damage
Primal Plumb Low 46 3 / 10 seconds
Primal Plumb Med 209 12 / 10 seconds
Primal Plumb High 230 15 / 10 seconds

These components can be salvaged from primal hammers random loot in The Teeth of Naros DLC