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Founded during the era of the Middle Kingdoms as a hub for trade, the town of Port Myria flourished with the birth and rise of the Almain people. Though the valuable cargo flowing in and out of the old port city can be a tempting target, few have successfully attacked this well-defended city.

Located on the eastern coast of the Hessen Bay, Port Myria is within the Almere Valley, which was named after Balforth Almere, the first leader the Almain had that managed to unify them after the darker final decades of the Corthian Age.

In the Middle Kingdoms era, Port Myria also served as Balforth Almere's base of operations during the Almain's conflict against the gnolls and their leader, Cynoc.

Coincidentially, Almere Valley is also bordered with Kollossae lands, which is one of the reasons the Almain started to look for more land and resources, since Port Myria's ever-increasing importance as a trading hub throughout all of the Age of Arcana turned the human settlement into one of the world's great trading hubs.