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  • This quest only becomes available if the Fateless One fails the persuasion check during the conversation with Tari Holstig in the Dark Harbor quest and/or Tari flees Dark Harbor intent on killing the Scion. IF you succeeded the persuasion check, do not take Cage Key since it will be stuck in your inventory.'
  • After The Exiles of the Main Quest is completed, Tari can be found imprisoned within a cage in Cape Solace of Gallows End. He is being held for execution for killing the Scion. (Of course, if you successfully persuaded Tari in Dark Harbor by offering to kill the Scion for him, this scenario would never arise.)
  • As his last request, Tari asks you to retrieve his mother's ring before he dies.
    • The ring will be located at the far end of the Tidal Pools.
  • After returning the ring to Tari, a very hard Persuasion check is presented (33% with Persuasion Level 10) to help Tari escape execution.
  • If the persuasion check is failed, the quest ends and Tari is summarily escorted to the gallows where he is thrown to his death. If the check is passed, the quest ends with Tari fleeing.