Primal Weapons are weapons obtainable, through various means, after having purchased the Teeth of Naros DLC Pack. They are comparable to most other Infrequent or rare base Items with the exception of added Primal Damage. A Primal version of every weapon type exists, and each type has multiple qualities varying from iron/birch to prismere/ebony, and all weapon types have a Primal tier above prismere and ebony. All grades below that level are equivalent to their normal counterparts plus additional primal damage.

To salvage a Primal core component of the highest tier (those better than Prismere and Ebony) the original Primal weapon must have a Primal damage of at least 13 over 10 seconds, and such components are available for every weapon type, metal or wood, as seen in the little collage below.  Weapons with 12 or less Primal damage do not yield the best components (or do so at less than 1% of the time, while the proper level weapon succeeds at 20+%, probably closer to 30).

Partial Weapons ListEdit

Notes Edit

Whether intended or not, it is possible to respawn the entire outside area of Teeth of Naros. No amount of time spent resting outside seems to matter much (and only respawns a few enemies), yet fast traveling to certain points inside the Teeth after enough time will respawn certain sets of things. Traveling to the Earth Shrine respawns some enemies, Hystis' Camp respawns some enemies and chests, traveling to Nyxaros and Nerotelos via map can respawn the Trolls, Njordir's Font respawns lots of lootables... Leaving the Teeth, resting for 4-5 days, and then jumping around inside among the travel points can respawn ALL of the chests, ALL the enemies, ALL the hidden objects and diving points, etc. If one is farming for top-end Primal components, this is a way to acquire hundreds of items for salvaging in a rather short amount of time. The time required for waiting seems to be semi-random.


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