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A journal written by Prince Kaleva, the royal prince of the Dverga.


Prince Kaleva's Journal

Day 1

The Barufakir's gone, along with my crew. Maybe I've failed to prove my worth to my father, but he was no less hasty in his youth. I'm sure he'll understand.

Considering the strength of the storm that surrounds this tiny island, I don't expect to be rescued anytime soon. I'm alone here, but I won't give up. My people won't forget me.

Day 2

The bodies of my crew have started to wash ashore, bloated and battered by the sea. I've given them each a proper burial, weighting them down with stones before carrying them into the deepest water I can reach. They shall toil and fight in the Depths forever, while I remain here and watch the endless storm as it mocks me. The Barufakir's corpse, too, is visible upon the reef. It is beyond use and will soon be washed away by the tempest.

Day 3

Do I regret my attempt to reach these shores? Was it a foolish thing to do? Maybe. If I rue anything, though, it is the loss of the Barufakir. A finer ship was never borne upon the bosom of the water, unless it was the Naglfar. The lives of my crew were theirs to give, and they did so gladly... but the ship can't be replaced. That's the measure of my failure, and the shame that I must bear.

Day 4

The bodies have stopped washing up. Only half the crew could be accounted for. Did the others survive? Were they picked up by my father? Or did they sink beneath the water where crabs and eels will feast upon them?

Day 5

Today I decided to wander inland. Thirsty, I knelt to drink from a clear, cold pool. I soon discovered that I'm not alone here. Fae creatures appeared, beautiful and inviting. Though I drew my steel and waited for them to ensorcel me, they refrained from using their magic. Instead, they took me to their leader, who welcomed me warmly. I cannot understand them, but I hope that I will in time.

Day 6

The fae understand me well enough, but I don't have a clue what they're saying. I've asked them to help me return to my people, but they only smile and laugh. I'm quickly becoming frustrated, despite their beauty. I get the impression they're not interested in helping me leave this island of theirs, but I'm bent upon it. I'll get back to my people, even if I have to swim through the infernal storm to do it.

Day 7

The four nymphs walked me across their island, pointing out many things. They've shown me where to find food and water, things that I'll need to survive. I feel different, but it's hard to say what's changed. It's as if I was upset last night, but I can't remember why. Maybe it'll come to me later...


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