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The Pteryx is a giant bird, resembling the prehistoric Pterodactyls. They are aggressive and fiercely territorial, often found in flocks led by an alpha specimen. Pteryx are able to shock their prey using a medium-range lightning attack however, their first inclination is to charge and headbutt the player.  This is an unblockable attack. The pteryxes in Koa: Reckoning can be found in the Teeth of Naros region.


  • Average HP:
  • Resistances: Weak to Poison, Bleeding, resists Ice. Alpha Pteryx resist Lightning, don't know if that's instead of or in addition to Ice... couldn't find one within the limits of my patience.
  • Attacks: Peck; Charge
  • Location: the Teeth of Naros range
  • Difficulty: Medium