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I was once part of the Deep Slumber but wished to depart the dreaming to pursue something that is more familiar to mortals like you: ambition. For seasons I dwelled in the Cradle of Summer, as is my role in the telling, but something called to me from beyond the sea: a whisper of power and corruption.


Purta is a Summer Fae that participated in the great conflict between the Fae known as the Withering War. She has in her possession one of the staffs that need to be recovered for the quest 'Rivener Tarsus'.


She can be found wandering around the Forsaken Plain, close to the village of Emaire.



You are in my path, stranger. I ask that you step aside before I cast you off the cliffs.

upon your first encounter.

That's laughable. I don't know you. I don't trust you. And I don't like the looks of you.

upon your response: I'd like your staff.

I am plagued by visions of what your kind call the future, a telling beyond the present. It is all because of this new god. She clouds my thoughts, confuses me.

when asked: Why are you so angry?

You appeal to me using your mortal sense of guilt, something I truly do not understand. However, my role in the telling does not include Rivener Tarsus. Take my staff. The piece you seek is within. May it bring clarity to the Deep Slumber.

if chosen the response: I will return it (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

Mortals are fond of tricks, and tricks I will not stand. This is my time. The whispers tell me so.

if chosen the response: I will return it (failing in persuasion attempt).

How many times must I tell you to depart? You do not wish to feel my wrath, mortal.

upon your response: I still want your staff. after a failed persuasion attempt).

I fought our Winter Court enemies right here on this soil, but it was all in vain. The seasons pass as they always have and always will. There is no ending the winter.

when asked about the Withering War.

I hold it as dear as any Fae, but my time had come. However, I took a piece of the Cradle with me, a part of a weapon I was meant to protect. I'd earned that right.

when asked about the Cradle of Summer.

Can't you feel it? Ever since the Withering War, this stretch of earth has been enchanted. Some prefer to call it cursed, but I see all of this magic as a blessing. I walk the broken hills and ravines, searching for answers to this question: what lies across the sea? Who is calling me with her fiery breath and knowing whisper?

when asked about the Forsaken Plain.

Be gone.