Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites 5 points in Might
Tier 2
Levels 5 (+2)
Type Active
Smash the ground to cause a tremor, damaging enemies in an area. Cast the spell rapidly in succession to chain up to 3 attacks.

Quake is a Might-based ability where the character smashes the ground, causing a tremor that damages nearby enemies. Casting the spell in quick succession can result in a chain of three attacks. It is a prerequisite for Aftershock, which upgrades it.


There are five levels of Quake and two more that can be reached with ability bonuses.

Level Physical Damage per hit Mana cost per hit
1 24-42 14
2 32-54 15
3 40-66 16
4 48-78 18
5 46-90 20
6 64-102 22
7 72-114 24


  • Use when enemies are close to each other, and for maximum effect upgrade often and use the three combo chain.
  • The Quake is a useful escape technique, if used well. When the three chain combo is used, the enemies trapped in the third combo will be stuck in the big rocks spawned when the technique is used, giving you precious seconds to delay the enemy from chasing you.




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