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"I have been on this cursed island for more than a lifetime, longer than any man should rightfully have to wait for death. But that is my fate, you see... to wait."

Quay is a Fateweaver and the oldest living castaway on Gallows End, having inhabited the island even beforeAlder and Bridgette raised their village. However, the solitude and inability to leave the island has broken his spirit, and he refuses to perform a fatereading, convinced it'll only show him doom and hopelessness no matter who he reads. The only escape from Gallows End, he believes, is a short walk and a quick drop off the cliff face. He has the information you were sent to find, but he believes nothing will change, so he isn't willing to talk about it.

Successfully completing the Dark Harbor quest breathes some life back into Quay, and he becomes less of a doomsayer and more willing to help the Fateless One and dispense information.


Quay is located at the border of The Jawbone and Dark Harbor areas, some distance from Cape Solace.


  • Quay's dialogue is written oddly. He will claim Akara doesn't exist in one topic option, then refer to Akara as being real in the next. 
  • Though he doesn't start any quests, Quay is involved in the ending of a few of the future DLC main quests.