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I do not speak of my exploits, unless to warn against the pride that engulfs all who celebrate the Telling. We are symbols of a greater truth, not the truth itself. I am best known for my infiltration of the Maid of Windemere's kingdom beyond the hills. It was I who shattered her ambitions to topple the Summer Court.


Queen Belmaid is the wife of King Wencen and his true beloved, the original that is, and one of the seven greatest heroes of the Summer Fae. The original Belmaid, while the Maid of Windemere captured and enchanted her lover Wencen, snuck into her kingdom and removed the enchantments she used to control her assembled wild Fae forces. The current Belmaid that the Fateless One encounters, like the rest of the current members, inherited her position by being the first to complete her ballad.

Her ballad is known as The Cursed Kingdom.


The Fateless one first encounters Belmaid at the Ballads Oratory in Ettinmere along with King Wencen and Lady Oleyn. After the quest Ballad of Bloody Bones she will be in the Court of Enchantments within Odarath along with Wencen and Oleyn.



Welcome Sir/Lady Sagrell. May I congratulate you on your victory in Gorguath. I am Queen Belmaid, love of King Wencen and grand lady of the House of Ballads.
The Fae of the east are not our enemies. We count them among our kind... at least we did. Times change... That is such a mortal thing to say.

when asked about the Court of Winter.

It is likely that you do not understand our need for continuity, our desire to repeat the past for the good of the coming future. What then is your drive to create a bloodline? There is no difference. The House of Ballads is our family tree. It is the sire we look for wisdom.

when asked about the House of Ballads.

He represents all that is pure and just in the Summer Court. He is the vibrancy of life, what the Winter Court has always sought to darken with its decaying ways.

when asked about King Wencen.

She is our nemesis, the villain we in the House of Ballads are destined to thwart through all seasons of the Telling. If there is trouble the Maid is at its origin.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

It is difficult to see from its current condition, but the Oratory was once the finest venue of performances of the Summer Court canon. The voices still linger... We regaled many a king under the Oratory's grand canopy. But those seasons have past. Our time has past.

when asked about the The Oratory.

This realm is at the mercy of cycles, of seasons, and the role of the Fae is no different. The Telling is the ongoing story in which we play an integral part.

when asked about The Telling.

Your arrival here is a sign of changes in the Telling. Our fortunes are linked.
Be on your guard. The Faelands burn with strange occurrences.

During 'The Hero and the Maid':

Look at this, Oleyn. The Maid's old keep still has vermin lurking in its shadows. Tell me, Sagrell. Is there a reason we shouldn't exterminate you?

upon your meeting at Castle Windemere (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

I was offered a new telling, one where I no longer bowed to the will of a man who is in every way my inferior. For the first time, I was given a choice.

when asked: What has happened to you? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

Wait. I... I don't understand. What is this place? Where is Wencen? Where is my Wencen?

once you set her free from the Maid's curse (succeeding in dispelling attempt).

It happened in the evening, when the dew fell. She emerged from the shadows and took us. You are the only one who escaped her snare. Or perhaps you didn't?

when asked about the Court of Enchantments.

We've have faced adversity before, but never such a dark period as this. If the story cannot endure, then what does that say of us?

when asked about the House of Ballads.

I cannot make sense of what she's done, but it's clear that this is a new twist in the Telling, one that suggests a rise in the Maid's power.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

I don't understand what's happening.
How dare she do this! How dare she attempt to claim the canon for herself!

Once completed 'The Hero and the Maid' (if you stayed true to the House):

I serve you now, you and the Telling, despite what my have happened with Wencen. How can I help?

upon your meeting at the House of Ballads.

Should we even continue to call this the House of Ballads? It is far different than it was mere days ago. It is a new entity, and one that has no place in the Telling.

when asked about the House of Ballads.

I will him in my way, but it is the Telling that worries me most. It is what binds us, and when it begins to unravel so does any order that we frail people rely upon.

when asked about King Wencen.

What she did to me and the others was unheard of for our kind, and for that she should be reviled. But still... I cannot help but have pity for the poor creature.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

I may stay with the House of Ballads, or I may choose to surrender my seat willingly. It has never been done, but as the Maid proved, it is time of change.

when asked about herself.




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