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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will provide us with an introduction to many of the humanoid races of Amalur. Here is what we know so far:

Almain (AHL-main) -- Human[]

Almain male

An Almain Male

Noble. Honorable. Brave.

The Almain are valorous humans who embody the ideal of Order in all things. They abhor Chaos, imposing structure and ritual in everything they do. One of the most imperialistic kingdoms in Amalur, the Almain are proud of their long and illustrious military tradition. Their patron deity is Mitharu, god of Order, a belief that guides every aspect of their lives.

Some Almain have come to The Faelands seeking freedom from the binding ties of politics and religion, hoping to make their own destiny far from the rigid laws of their kingdom. Yet no matter how far they may wander from their homeland, they honor the battlefield disciplines of their ancestors.

Game Description

"The Almain are a warlike and religious nation of a storied origin. Many Almain come to the Faelands seeking freedom, while honoring the traditions of their homeland. "

City and Homeland: Port Myria, Almere Valley

Racial Bonuses
Blacksmithing +2
Alchemy +1
Persuasion +1

Varani (vuh-RAH-nee) -- Human[]

Varani male

A Varani Male

Traders. Mercenaries. Wanderers.

The human clans known as the Varani can be found throughout Amalur, as much at home on the high seas as in the villages and outposts they inhabit. Though not as culturally refined as the Almain, the Varani have brought commerce and a degree of civilization to the wilds of The Faelands. While lacking political motivation for involvement in the war against the Tuatha, many Varani have found employment fighting in the mortal armies as mercenaries. The battle-hardened fierceness of the Varani has given them a well-earned reputation as a valuable ally in the seemingly unwinnable conflict.

Game Description

"Hardened by the high seas, the Varani are just as frequently pirates and mercenaries as they are shrewd merchants. They favor swords and daggers as seaworthy weapons." City and Homeland: Nomadic

Racial Bonuses
Detect Hidden +1
Mercantile +1
Lockpicking +2

Ljosalfar (LOH-sal-far) -- Light Elves[]

Ljosalfar male

A Ljosalfar Male

Regal. Steadfast. Uncompromising.

A proud and insular people, the Ljosalfar strive to preserve nature and shape it to their will. The light elves resist change, flash-freezing their ancient homeland to keep it in an idealized, timeless state. The Ljosalfar revere the principle of justice, fighting time and again to defend Amalur against chaos and darkness. The light elves stand with their Dokkalfar cousins to battle the relentless armies of the Tuatha. Though far from their frozen homeland, the Ljosalfar are determined to keep the fortress of Mel Senshir from falling into the hands of their enemy.

Game Description

"The Ljosalfar are a proud and ancient people from the frozen lands of the north. Ljosalfar judge themselves fit to divine right from wrong under wind, sun, and sky, and mete an even handed justice."

City and Homeland: Fieriol, Glen Suthain (The Eternal Vale)

Racial Bonuses
Dispelling +2
Alchemy +1
Sagecraft +1

Dokkalfar (DAHK-al-far) -- Dark Elves[]

Dokkalfar male

A Dokkalfar Male

Dokkalfar female

A Dokkalfar Female

Charismatic. Intelligent. Seductive.

The Dokkalfar are respected as sophisticated students of magic and diplomacy, yet it is their alluring presence that makes them so compelling. The dark elves are the ultimate manipulators, controlling the actions of others from the shadows. While their reputation for subtlety is well earned, many find the Dokkalfar so charismatic and compelling that they willingly parlay with them—regardless of the consequences. Though the port city of Rathir stands as a testament to their thriving culture, the relentless war against the Tuatha has put a great strain upon the Dokkalfar. The dark elves fight alongside their fairer-skinned cousins, the Ljosalfar, in an attempt to push back the unyielding armies of the Fae.

Game Description

"Dokkalfar are renowned as sophisticated students of magic and diplomacy. While they do not shy from conflict, they prefer to resolve disputes subtly and with grace, or efficiently, in silence."

City and Homeland: Rathir, Plains of Erathell

Racial Bonuses
Stealth +2
Persuasion +1
Sagecraft +1

Other Races (Not Playable)[]

Gnome (NOHM)[]

Gnome male

A Gnome Male

Determined. Strategic. Ingenious.

Gnomes are practical and pragmatic. A long-thinking people, they approach all problems and goals rationally. Gnome society is divided into three sects: the Scholars, inventors of wondrous magical devices; the Praetorians, a military force renowned for their martial skill; and the Templars, the political strategists who set the agenda for their culture.

In the arid land of Detyre, the gnomes have built the great city of Adessa as a monument to their progress. The city's grand library is a storehouse of Amalur's wisdom and knowledge, containing artifacts dating back to the dawn of history. What secrets the gnomes keep for themselves is a topic of frequent speculation among those who question their motives.

City and Homeland: Adessa, Detyre

Summer Fae[]

Summer Fae

A Summer Fae

Enigmatic. Magical. Eternal.

At first glance the Fae may resemble mortals, but they have long existed as the embodiment of nature's influence in the physical realm. The Summer Fae, also known as the Seelie, represent growth, warmth, and the emergence of life. Free of mortal ambition or desires, the Summer Fae steadfastly play out their role in the Great Cycle.

Though Fae are found throughout the wild places of Amalur, the Court of Summer inhabits the beautiful Gardens of Ysa in Dalentarth. Yet the Fae themselves claim to originate from a realm of pure magic, one they say lies beyond the Veil. No mortal has ventured to such a place, or if they have, none have been known to return.

City and homeland: Gardens of Ysa in Dalentarth, The Faelands

Winter Fae[]

Winter Fae

A Winter Fae

Harsh. Unyielding. Inevitable.

Though the presence of the Winter Fae, or Unseelie, may elicit a sense of foreboding, it would be a mistake to look upon them as a force of evil. They represent the waning of the seasons, the entropy and death which are a necessary part of the Great Cycle

In recent years, the Court of Winter has been plunged into chaos by the rise of Gadflow, a murderous usurper who stole the Winter throne. Though Gadflow's stranglehold over his people is near absolute, a small group of Winter Fae cling to the old ways and oppose the mad king, seeking some say to restore balance to the world.

City and homeland: Bhaile, Alabastra

Tuatha (too-AH-thah) Deohn[]

Tuatha Deohn

A Tautha Deohn

Brutal. Aggressive. Destructive.

The Tuatha Deohn are a sect of Winter Fae who have unleashed chaos upon Amalur. When leadership of the Court of Winter was usurped by the malevolent Gadflow, the new king seized control of the Winter houses and rallied his people to war under the banner of the Tuatha Deohn. Gadflow's attack upon the Alfar kingdoms is driven by his devotion to a new god, whom the mad ruler claims is being born within the remote crystalline fortress of Amethyn.

Armed with deadly weapons forged from prismere crystal, the Tuatha are a relentless foe. When one falls in battle, another soon emerges from the Hollows to take up arms. It is uncertain how long the mortal kingdoms can hope to stand against this ruthless onslaught.

City and homeland: Alabastra, Alfar Kingdoms


Possibly extinct race who have their own culture and history and reason for being. Builders of some ruins outside of Didenhil.[1]


Another presumably extinct race that is even older than the Durrek. They seemingly lived underground.