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Quests from the Board do not count towards your faction standing, they provide gold and experience.

Rallying cry 1

Investigate this corpse to receive the next objective


A Warsworn camp in Ettinmere has not been heard from in some time. You should travel to the camp and see what is wrong.


  • After obtaining the Warsworn Ledger, you must kill four powerful Ettin shamans, who the Warsworn believe could be organizing their fellow beasts into war parties to ravage the land. Trudge through the murky swamp to four locations, each with a shaman and usually at least one other Ettin and possibly boggarts and/or wolves.
  • The named Ettin shamans appear on the map in addition to any other enemies already in the area.
  • After killing all four of them, head back to Shieldring Keep and speak to the Curate, Idwold Freward, to receive thanks and pay.


  • Gold & XP - both level-dependant
  • Random Weapons
  • Random Armor


  • The shamans can hit you with both magic and physical attacks. Make sure that you are ready to dodge blasts of energy rippling towards you through the air!
  • You can also receive this quest when wandering the Ettinmere, if you stumble upon the body of the missing Warsworn and liberate a note detailing this quest from his corpse.