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I captained my first ship when I was no bigger than my papa's knee... and promptly crashed it into the dock, sinking three vessels with one wreck. It was then that I knew my destiny was to be a sailor. From that day forward, I've spent my life on the water. Twenty ships in twenty years. It must be some kind of record.


Rast Brattigan is the captain of the Calamity and the only captain in the Alfar Merchant Navy willing to head out to search for Gallows End to take adventurers to face the legendary undead pirate Dead Kel. Though she herself only wants to drop them off and not set foot anywhere on Gallows End or near Dead Kel and any of his Hanged Men, that is of course as long as she doesn't wreck her ship in the process.

She considers herself a true and great sailor, while everyone else considers her the worst sailor alive. Partly because she's too trusting, but mostly due to the fact she's wrecked every ship she's ever captained.

Brattigan is involved with many of the quests in the DLC The Legend of Dead Kel. She's first met in the pier of Rathir by the Seafoam Tavern, by her ship the Calamity along with mute first mate Tari Hostig. After the Fateless One takes up the quest The Legend of Dead Kel, she'll take him/her out to sea in search of Gallows End, where after sailing for awhile, are met by Dead Kel's ship The Requiem and promptly sunk. Most of the crew was killed, either because of the Dead Kel's attack on the ship, the waters of the Frostbreak Sea, or caught after surviving both and arriving on Gallows End.

Brattigan, the Fateless One and Tari Hostig were the only survivors where they woke up, the latter being too injured to carry on. Brattigan reluctantly leaves him behind and makes her way with the Fateless One into the Flooded Cavern. The intrepid castaways make their way through the cavern, discovering it blocked by debris, fortunately Brattigan was carrying some kobold explosives, blowing up a couple of blocked passages. She runs out halfway through, and sends the Fateless One to find some more explosives in the waters below... because she can't swim.

After getting out of the Flooded Cavern, she and the Fateless One come across Cape Solace, the castaway settlement. She remains at the settlement, as like any sailor who spends most of her time on the sea, she has an issue walking on solid land.


Rast is located at the Rathir piers near the Seafoam Tavern. When at Gallows End, she'll be on the pier in Cape Solace.

She perches along the pier like a seabird, never venturing far from her ship, The Calamity.

Commodore Garrick, upon being asked "Where is Captain Brattigan?"



  • Even though she's spent most of her life on the sea, she can't swim.
  • She's known as the worst sailor alive, though she just doesn't know it.
  • Tari Hostig became her first mate after marooning her previous first mate when he became obsessed with her due to how often they had sex.
  • She often quotes her mother.
  • Priestess Jacinda claims that her ship was struck by a 'calamity', while Rast believes that Dead Kel was the one who sunk The Calamity. Given Brattigan's reputation as the worst sailor alive, it's feasible that the two ships collided, and she mistook Jacinda's ship for The Requiem.
    • Ambrose Flora is another possible victim of hers as she mentions her ship being struck by another ship with a name starting with "C".
  • It is possible she is based on the character 'Zapp Brannigan', a character from the science fiction TV show Futurama, who despite being obviously a lewd, ignorant, egotistical and terrible captain/commander, believes he is the best space captain in the universe.
She is the only captain willing to pursue Dead Kel into the mists of the Frostbreak Sea. Perhaps it is her courage, her skill, her determination.... No. That's not it. Rast is a good woman, but not aware of her own faults, of which there are many. They don't call her "the worst sailor alive" for nothing.

Commodore Garrick, upon being asked about Rast.


Don't bother me. I'm waiting for a passenger -- some suicidal idiot. Can't be caught chatting. I want to make a good impression. It's suicide. Really. Ask the others. Oh, wait, you can't. But don't worry about them. Like my mother said, "Don't weep for the fallen. Even if they could hear you, they wouldn't care."
He's the fine first mate on the ground next to me. Words aren't his strength, although I'd be pressed to say what is, exactly. I found him after I was forced to maroon my last first mate on a desert island. That man became obsessed with me. Probably because we had sex. A lot.

About Tari Hostig

He's as elusive as the north wind, a phantom with a skull for a face and fins for feet. Every sailor yearns for the chance to face Dead Kel. He and his Hanged Men go where they please, masters of the Frostbreak.

about Dead Kel

In my experience, islands are places you visit in order to escape torment and certain death. Gallows End is one destination I will avoid on future voyages. Unless I crash there, of course.

about Gallows End

Well, tie me up and drag me under. So you're the one the navy's hooked into finding Gallows End and killing Dead Kel.

After accepting the quest The Legend of Dead Kel

It is the mysterious island fortress of Dead Kel and his crew. Why? Do you know how to get there? Because I have no idea. I was hoping to figure it out as we go, but I'm starting to wonder if that's a good idea.

On Gallows End

Sorry, can't talk. Got pirates to hunt.
If you and I are going to woo, and woo with vigor, you're going to be more considerate of my needs. And there are many. Like sex... I mean sex.

After completing The Exiles

Some day you and I will sail far away from here. We'll have more adventures. We'll stab things repeatedly. It'll be delightful.

After successfully wooed


Note: to get the achievement the Fateless One must flatter Rast in every dialogue, from the very first meeting. Selecting her as a companion in An Offering is not necessary.

Manic Pixie Dream Elf
Wooed Rast Brattigan.
Points 25 Game points
Trophy Bronze