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The time has come for me to leave Ayten.

Too long have I been left to suffer the glares and silent hatred of this place. A stronger one might have borne this suffering to a natural end. I cannot. And so I'll purchase a weapon and make my way to the warfront, where this great shame of mine was forged.

It is not with the intent of making reparations that I go; there are no such opportunities for the likes of me. Instead, I go to join those who left me to sleep on the field of battle. I go for the death fate may not have intended for me, but the one I deserved. A decade later and those days are as real in my mind as though they were a fortnight old.

But even now, I cannot die on my own terms, for there is no coin to do so. I will have to find someone to buy my worldly possessions so I can use the profits to buy a passage to Mel Senshir. The last time I made this journey, it was in the company of the young and hopeful, the excited and the anxious.

Now, Ayten's final soldier heads for the battlements, grim and earnest. How I was suffered to survive this long is the great riddle of my life. But I grow weary of waiting for the answer.