Alchemy reagents are used to create potions that have various bonuses and effects. Most of them can be harvested anywhere in the Faelands. Reagents can respawn after a certain period of time.

Icon Name Property Description Location(s)
Bloodroot.png Bloodroot Power Properly prepared, this unusual crimson root can lend an additional measure of Power to almost any potion. Seawatch, Dalentarth
Seaflax.png Seaflax Armor When dried and tightly braided together, threads of Seaflax can lend a protective, Armor-like quality to a potion. Seawatch, Rithen
Scarlet flowstone.png Scarlet Flowstone Blood These razor-sharp fragments of sanguine crystal are difficult to handle without injury. When crushed to a fine powder, they can bind the essence of Blood to a potion. Seawatch, found in caves
Scarwood bark.png Scarwood Bark Damage The scarwood Tree is aptly named, for only the most wary can touch the diamond-hard spines of its bark without suffering harm. When peeled off the tree, the bark can grant the essence of raw Damage to a potion. Dalentarth
Sky blossom.png Sky Blossom Extraction An unassuming pale blue wildflower, Sky Blossom's roots reach very deep into the earth. The petals of the flower can lend the essence of Extraction to a potion, making it useful for concocting potions that combine very disparate elements.



Essence of fate.png Essence of Fate Fate This strange tangle of glowing blue thread pulses with the pure energies of Fate itself. As such, it can grant incredible power when used as a reagent in potion-making. Hidden door between the Hollowlands and Menetyre
Tinderwig.png Tindertwig Fire Tindertwig is, rather ironically, fairly difficult to light, maintaining its moisture far longer than most plants. If carefully dried and burned, however, its ash can grant the pure essence of Fire to a potion. Aodh, Splitrock Depths, other caves
Black cohosh.png Black Cohosh Health Long known for their medicinal properties, Black Cohosh roots can be shredded and combined with other reagents to imbue a potion with the essence of good Health. Dalentarth
White flake.png White Flake Ice A chalky substance carried from distant lands, White Flake grants the essence of Ice to your potion. Shardfall in The Cradle of Summer
Eel Petal.png Eel Petal Lightning After being boiled into a viscous syrup, the juice of the Eel Petal plant tingles with the essence of Lightning. Dalentarth,

Allestar Tower

Scarab salts.png Scarab Salts Luck An exotic scent accompanies these fine granules, which are said to bring the essence of Luck to any mixture. Shardfall
Star thisle.png Star Thistle Magic The delicate blossoms upon Star Thistle wildgrass are often found growing in areas thick with arcane energy, and may confer the essence of Magic itself upon your potion. Seawatch
Softscrabble powder.png Softscrabble Powder Mana A mineral deposit of flooded mines and caves, Softscrabble Powder aids in the creation of potions related to Mana. Dalentarth, found in caves
Sativa fibers.png Sativa Fibers Physical Woven Sativa Fibers are among the toughest and most resilient materials and are best used in potions that aim to deal with the Physical world. Seawatch
Cripplespore caps.png Cripplespore Caps Poison Incredibly deadly if prepared correctly, Cripplespore Caps are highly effective in potions that involve Poison. Dalentarth,

found in caves

Edelweiss.png Edelweiss Reflection The aromatic pollen of the Edelweiss flower contains the essence of Reflection and is very helpful in potions that seek to capture that effect. House of Valor, also around Deserts
Ysas breath.png Ysa's Breath Resistance Unique to the Faelands, this colorful wildflower thrives in extreme temperatures and all sorts of weather. Because of this durability, it yields the magic of its Resistance to a potion. Seawatch
Embereyes.png Embereyes Restoration Seeds like smoldering stones radiate an intense heat from this pungent plant, yet despite its fiery nature, the alchemical essence it contains is not flame, but Restorative. Dalentarth, very common in the Faelands
Leechwood bark.png Leechwood Bark Leech The Leechwood Tree is renowned in woodland lore for its unsettling ability to strangle any and all other flora around it and draw their nutrients away until they die. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that powdered Leechwood Bark can grant its Leech-like nature to a potion. Seawatch
Prismere dust.png Prismere Dust Experience Extremely rare, this glittering dust made from pulverized Prismere crystal will grant the essence of worldly Experience to a potion.

Apotyre, Twilight Pass, Alabastra dungeons, Tomb of Fyragnos

Teeth of Naros Reagents[edit | edit source]

The following reagents can be found and harvested exclusively from the Wild Evenroot plant in the Teeth of Naros after completing the side quest Will and Waters using the Amphora and water from Njordir's Font.

Icon Name Property Description Location(s)
Flamed evenroot.png Flamed Evenroot Fire This is an alchemical Reagent.

Find an Alchemical Lab and you can combine it with other Reagents to make powerful Potions.

Teeth of Naros
Iced evenroot.png Iced Evenroot Ice This is an alchemical Reagent.

Find an Alchemical Lab and you can combine it with other Reagents to make powerful Potions.

Teeth of Naros
Primal evenroot.png Primal Evenroot Primal This is an alchemical Reagent.

Find an Alchemical Lab and you can combine it with other Reagents to make powerful Potions.

Teeth of Naros
Shocked evenroot.png Shocked Evenroot Lightning This is an alchemical Reagent.

Find an Alchemical Lab and you can combine it with other Reagents to make powerful Potions.

Teeth of Naros
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