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"Alchemist Nanne Hanri's dangerous secret formula has been stolen and her apprentice Karth has gone missing. Nanne believes that Karth may be hiding in Agnur Farhal, an Erathi ruin to the southeast of Gorhart Village."


Find Nanne's Apprentice[]

After receiving the side quest from Nanne Hanri head towards Agnur Farhal and enter the ruins to search for her missing apprentice. Once he is found speak to Karth Hilfred. He will quickly reveal his treachery and attack. Defeat him and the Red Legion Bandits accompanying him.

Destroy the Formula Shipments[]

"Karth has confesed to being an agent of the Red Legion bandits. They plan to move Nanne Hanri's dangerous secret formula east to sell to the highest bidder in the war. I must find the shipping crates and destroy them, therby destroying the formula."

Find and destroy the formula crates containing Nanne Hanri's secret formula. Four crates can be found inside Agnur Farhal. The remaining six crates can be found inside the bandit camps in the northern region of Odarath. They will be guarded by more Red Legion Bandits. Defeat them and destroy the crates.

Return to Nanne Hanri[]

"I've found and destroyed Nanne Hanri's secret formula. I should return to Nanne for my reward. She will be waiting for me in Golden Age Alchemy in the village of Gorhart."

Return to Nanne Hanri to complete the quest and receive your reward.