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These are my sons and brothers, a vast family with one goal in this short life: to punish the weak and initiate the strong. Soon all of Amalur will be red.


Red Idward is the leader of the Red Legion, a group of bandits notorious throughout Dalentarth.


Red can be found in Bloodstone Deep in Glendara.


Involved in: Out of the Past


I knew neither of them would face me himself. Who sent you? Was it Delf? Ugnar?
Dangerous, yes, but narrow as a blade. That one couldn't see beyond the realm of his precious Ynadon. He suffers for it.

when asked about Itran the Shade.

His betrayal was the coldest. I dragged that boy from the depths of a Murghan nest, and then raised him as my own. It's a shame his spire leaked out of him.

when asked about Ugnar Odgray.

So, you're here on behalf of Delf, that traitorous sow. I gather you're here to send a message, as well. Let me guess, blood has been paid for his crimes? What Delf doesn't realize is that the Blood Rite is a privilege of the Red Legion, and he lost that privilege when he betrayed us. The choice is yours, stranger. Throw your lot in with a monk and his coward god, or work for me. At least I will pay you for your trouble.
Don't tell me you're as thick as your friend Delf. I require his death. Either you can do it, or I will send another. It's your choice.

when you ask him what he is implying.

Unwise. Some of us are richer than kings. If you're not with us, you're against us. The Red Legion drinks the blood of its enemies!

if you stayed true to Brother Delf, denying Red bargain.


  • Red says he will pay you for killing Delf, but when you kill him, you never see Red again. This means Red never payed you for murdering Delf, so it is recommended you side with Delf instead because Delf actually pays you.