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The Red Legion are a fearsome band of human and alfar bandits terrorizing villages across Dalentarth, most notably Gorhart in Odarath West. They have an ideology of superiority, believing that they are culling the weak so that only the strong survive, or at least this is what their leader Red "The Dead" Idward suggests. They also have several camps dotted across Dalentarth.


Equipped primarily with Leather Armor and wielding Iron Longswords, Iron Daggers, and Oak Longbows, members of the Red Legion will sometimes ambush the Fateless One on their journey. They often attack in groups of three to five. In combat dagger-wielding rogues and sword-wielding fighters use a combination of quick slashes, tumbling attacks, and leaping overhead cuts to overwhelm their intended victims while the archers attack from a distance with their longbows. Like other bandits, the Red Legion possess the ability to dodge incoming arrows but are generally weak enemies that can be easily dealt with by using overwhelming force via abilities and magic. Their loot is generally common or infrequent.

The Legend of Dead Kel[]

The Red Legion makes an appearance during The Invaders side quest in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC expansion pack. A group of Red Legionnaires are hired by Calder Vonn as mercenaries during his attempted takeover of the island of Gallows End. Upon arrival they establish a base of operations inside the Bridgand's Hideaway where they remain cut off from the rest of the island by Akara until after the events of The Exiles. Once they gain access into the island's interior they launch their attack against its inhabitants.


  • Average HP: Low
  • Strength: Dodge Arrows
  • Weakness: None
  • Special Attacks: None
  • Location: Odarath, Glendara, Gallows End
  • Difficulty: Easy


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