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This is an encampment of mainly Varani refugees fleeing from the Crystal War. Some of the refugees have recently gone looking for supplies or better shelter and not returned.


The following NPCs can be found here:


Citizen Quotes[]

There are spies among us, I am certain. The enemy knew too much. Even now, they strike at our caravans, picking us off one by one.
This is no life! Trudging in the heat. Sleeping in the dust. Our whole lives here have been abandoned. Damn Tuatha.
Lord Cras has vowed to protect us, even though we are not of the same race. He's nearby if you wish to speak with him yourself.
You should keep moving to Rathir in the east. You'll find supplies there, at least more than we can offer here in the Forsaken Plain.
I'd suggest going west to the village of Emaire, but I've heard that they've been turning refugees away at the gates.
Idwa Widfrond ran off a week ago and we haven't seen her since, the silly girl. She dreams of riches, that one.
Once we reach the Cradle of Summer, all will be well. The Summer Court has declared its neutrality. Titarion will protect us.

After completing Buried Alive:

Our ordeal in the tomb has given me a new perspective. I'm going to appreciate the life given to me, even if it's as a refugee in the Forsaken Plain.
If only we'd had someone like you to fight the Tuatha when they tore our farms and homesteads apart. We might have stood a chance.
If it weren't for you, Lyra would have gotten us all killed. I'll be more careful next time she proposes one of her ridiculous schemes.
I haven't seen such acts of courage since the days of the Tuatha Invasion. Rathir was saved because of brave souls like you.
Orieator's Tomb is hardly the only danger to heed here in the Forsaken Plain. The Freemen prowl the hills to the east, laying traps for the unsuspecting traveler.
I thought I was going to die down in that dungeon. If only we had someone with your bravery leading our people west.