Basic Info
Race Kollossae
Gender Male
Faction Idylla City Guard
Rank Scout

Remes is an NPC in Teeth of Naros DLC.



Remes is a scout for the Idylla City Guard, under the command of Captain Secandra. He was charged with observing and learning of the Jottun Warlord Kahrunk, who was the leader of the Naros Jottun against the Kollossae. He's surprised that Secandra sent someone as small as the Fateless One to take on Kahrunk and his Jottun followers, but tells the Fateless One information on how to defeat Kahrunk anyways. He's surprised when the Fateless One defeats Kahrunk.


He is located at Remes' Camp in the Teeth of Naros.


  • He's worried about Secandra's health because she has been working non-stop since taking over as the Captain of the Guard.
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