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This note bears an unrecognizable, official mark.


Reminder for Initiates

The following is a reminder for all clerical scholars and library guards seeking access to the Special Collection, they will need to light all the torches to unlock the chest. To do so, bear in mind the following passage, and all shall be made clear:
"I began to think, upon the completion of the vivisections for that day, that there was some other movement in the venial and arterial blood that had eluded the scrutinizing eye of my precedessors. I lacked the fine eye needed to prove my assumption; nevertheless, I felt overwhelmed by the fact that clearly the blood moved through the body, in a circle. Like fire, the warm life contained in our blood sweeps through our bodies in an endless loop; it is in this ring of life that our form show their true sacredness."
The path to truth in all things is a ring, and from where you start, you must return to that point to proceed.


This scroll provides hints for a puzzle in "The Purloined Letters".