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"Allestar is remote enough that we don't get a lot of visitors. And with our research, fewer visitors means fewer questions".

Remy Kallas


Remy Kallas is one of the many gnomes working at Allestar Tower in the project of the Well of Souls. It is not known specifically what functions he fulfilled, but by his clothes, it could be inferred that he occupied a hierarchical place of certain importance.


The Fateless One first meets him at the forest glade, along with the rest of the survivors. Kallas is sitting next to a cart, in a state of sad contemplation.

Upon talking to him, he asks the Fateless One if Hugues managed to escape as well.



  • "Another survivor? But... I've never seen you in the tower. Were you one of the professor's assistants in the downstairs projects? Did he escape with you?"
  • "We all knew Fomorous was a genius, but I'll admit, even I had my doubts about him being able to bring the dead back to life".
  • "I just don't underestand the Tuatha - I mean, most Fae aren't violent. The wild ones can be, but no more than any forest animal. But the Tuatha are some sort of cult among the Winter Fae. Before they invaded Erathell, no one could have imagined the Fae ever marching to war".
  • "Brilliant idea, the Well of Souls - plucks dead people out of the ether, rebuilds their body, and brings them back to life. At least, that's what it was supposed to do. Guess we'll never know if it worked now".
  • "Oh, you mean Agarth? He visits Hugues every once in a while. I never could figure out why they got along. He's friendly enough, if a bit odd. You should be able to find him in Gorhart, just down the road, past the ruins. You can't miss it".

Personality and Traits[]

Not much is known about him, other that he has great regard for Humorous Hugues and the project he was leading. Although, he had his doubts about the Well, stating that no matter his consideration of Hugues as a genius, it was difficult for him to imagine that someone deceased could be brought back to life.

He laments on knowing that after the Well's destruction, no one will ever know if it would have worked, curiously oblivious to the fact that he was actually speaking to its one, and only success.


Ironically, the name Kallas is translated to "known" in Sweedish, but not much is known about Remy.