Reprisal, Reprised
Quest Giver Penri Kell
Location Yolvan
Reward Gold or Maiden's Ring and Map note
Faction No
Type Task

Reprisal, Reprised is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Background[edit | edit source]

While wandering through Yolvan you will come across a quest giver named Penri Kell. She is a Traveler looking for precious loot. She heard a ballad about a very prized emerald ring from a long time ago. With the help of the player she wishes to attempt to recreate the Ballad and so obtain the ring. She will play the role of the maiden and the player the role of the champion who must defeat the Ring's Guardian, Lekka the Corpulent, a fearsome troll.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Your first task is to get 4 Antelope Heads in order to summon the ring's keeper. Search around Yolvan for these animals and you will soon have enough heads. Using a bow is recommended as the antelopes will run away if the player gets too close. After obtaining the 4 heads return to Penri Kell and she will tell you that you need to mount the heads on the nearby ruin to make the troll from the ballad appear. Mount one head on each side of the ruined structure and Lekka the Corpulent will appear. Defeat him with the help of Penri and loot the Maiden's Ring.

After doing so she will ask you to give her the ring. There are a few possible options:

  • If you give the ring she will thank you and the ring will be removed in exchange for gold. (Reward: Gold, 0XP)
  • With a successful Persuasion Check (easy difficulty) you can keep it as a reward (REWARD : Maiden's Ring, XP, 0 Gold).
  • If the persuasion attempt failed then Penri will take the ring and give you the gold.
  • If you tell her you will keep the ring without persuading her she will attack you and you must kill her. The book, Travelers Tales can be looted from her body.

After this the quest will end (REWARD : No ring, XP & Gold - both level-dependant). If you kill Penri after giving the ring there is no penalty or reprisal and you can loot the ring (REWARD : Maiden's Ring, XP for killing Penri, 0 Gold). The ring can also be pickpocketed off of Penri after giving it to her. If it is received this way, it will not be marked as stolen.

She will also mark the location of the Star Camp on your map.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Killing Penri Kell will cause the quest to fail. If the player has any Antelope heads in their inventory at the time, they will become locked and cannot be removed. However, if you kill Penri Kell after receiving the quest reward there is no penalty or reprisal. Alternatively you can also pickpocket the ring back once the quest is finished.
  • If the Fateless One takes too long to kill Lekka the Corpulent, Penri Kell will die in the fight. The mission will be considered a failure, though the ring can be looted from her corpse.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • It has been reported that Penri will no longer speak to you after the quest is finished, however this does not always happen and can be put down to a minor bug only as she provides no further in-game use. If this occurs, the descriptive text will also disappear from under the Reprisal, Reprised completed quest log entry.
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