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A gnomish scrivener, Courdan Passant, has asked me to recover a missing letter he sent to his superior. He suspects that the courier is somehow involved and that she might be found in the Traveler's Camp in Apotyre.




  • The letter can be picked up before talking to Courdan, which automatically starts the quest and skips the first 2 steps. However, the dialogue and quest description will act as though the player had gone through them normally until Scholar Airencourt is confronted. As evidence of her involvement was not obtained, the bad outcome (for Courdan) is guaranteed.
    • Whether the proof can be obtained after picking up the letter first is unknown at this time.


  • Right-clicking on "Parwen's Orders" causes the game to be stuck. Quite possibly the item is not meant to be interacted with, or the menu is simply missing. Anyhow, this can be fixed by pressing Escape. This does not have any effect on the quest.