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  • Talk to archsage Jubal Caledus who will tell you to place the three stones next to the three founders of the Scholia Arcana and then to return to him.
  • Place the three stones and as soon as you do a cut scene will start, ending with you talking to Ciara Sydanus. Talk away, but it must of course end in bloodshed, so kill her off. Ciara's level will be set when you set foot onto the courtyard for the first time, so she may be underleveled once you finally fight her now.
  • Eran Methneen will run up to you and tell you that you are now the archsage (Reward: Archsage's Ring, Archsage rank, Archsage Quarters and level-dependant XP, but no gold.)


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Cowl of the Dark Empyrean - on the body of Ciara Sydanus
  • Interestingly enough, in the Archsage's Quarters, prior to exiting to the courtyard, by the bed there is a letter "To Ewa". This corresponds to the "Mysterious Note" name of Ewa in which someone has lost his "dearest Ewa". Perhaps Jubal Caledus is the mysterious note author?
  • In the letter "To Ewa," it is suggested that Ewa was a Savant who served under Archsage Jubal Caledus, and who had expressed concern over the lack of proper training in the new recruits. The "Mysterious Note" was penned by someone named Eolfred who was overcome with grief for his lost love Ewa, a soldier who died in battle. This note is found in an abandoned camp on a cliff, and strongly implies that Eorlund leapt to his death into the crashing waves below so that he could join her in the afterlife. It is possible that both letters are referring to the same Ewa.




Scholia Arcana

Completed the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.
Points 20
Trophy Silver