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Forged by Lord Sethe and lost, later recovered by Sir Airmer, who defeated the bolgan and regained Dalentarth for the Summer Court.

This weapon is forged by the Fateless One as part of the The Flame of Rhyderk.

Damage Breakdown[]

This weapon has to be forged, and so its exact stats depend on the additional components chosen. Common stats are (from the blade component):

  • 40 Physical Damage
  • 9 Piercing Damage



  • The resulting weapon is always upgraded to Unique status (due to its unique 5% fire damage effect) and has a weapon socket added.
  • Due to having a weapon socket added after crafting, Rhyderk is one of the rare few (if not only) weapons that can attain all three elemental status effects at the same time.  Crafting it with an elemental component and gem as a fourth component (and socketing it with *another* gem as a fifth component afterwards) allows this.  Because of the base component's low damage Rhyderk will never be one of the best weapons in the game, but it certainly makes for a fun toy when everything struck by Rhyderk (with Envenomed Edge active) ends up on fire, shocked, chilled, and poisoned.
  • Strangely, the icon in the weapon description is that of the Iron Greatsword but the actual weapon itself uses the same model as the Sylvanite Greatsword.


  • Holte Frenn is the original smith of the Blade of Rhyderk.
  • If Sir Airmer is asked about the blade during Two Knights and a Troll, he refers to it as "the flaming Sword of Rhyderk," indicating that perhaps it was originally made with a flaming hilt. 


  • When stored with a gem attached, the sword may lose the gem, along with its fire damage.