Rikka Egest
Rikka Egest.png
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Class Merchant
  • Merchant
    Location Corner Shop

    Rikka Egest is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    Me? Widowed going on five years now. All my boys were taken by the Tuatha. Both sons, my brother, and my beloved Avery. Wicked business this war.

    Details[edit | edit source]

    Rikka Egest is the shopkeeper of The Corner Shop in Gorhart. She has lost her whole family in the war, and her journal reveals that she is deeply depressed. She will refuse to speak about the Tuatha when asked.

    Merchant[edit | edit source]

    Rikka is a general merchant and sells a variety of goods, including the first backpack available.

    Weapons[edit | edit source]

    Weapons Cost Damage Durability
    Erosive Longbow 1134 19 20
    Erosive Daggers 1089 15 20
    Iron Greatsword 1017 22 20
    Iron Hammer 921 28 20
    Iron Longsword 661 15 20
    Birch Longbow 627 14 20
    Iron Greatsword 567 22 20
    Birch Staff 516 21 20
    Birch Staff 516 18 20
    Birch Sceptre 432 13 20
    Birch Sceptre 432 11 20

    Apparel[edit | edit source]

    Apparel Cost Armor Durability
    Iron Cuirass 1000 30 20
    Iron Helm 816 28 20
    Cotton Robes 591 23 15
    Leather Armor 541 22 17
    Iron Chausses 234 15 20
    Iron Kite Shield 234 15 20
    Birch Buckler 126 11 17
    Leather Hood 126 11 17
    Leather Leggings 126 11 17
    Copper Talisman 74 8 15
    Cotton Cowl 66 8 15
    Iron Gauntlets 66 8 20
    Iron Greaves 66 8 20
    Leather Boots 37 6 17
    Leather Gloves 37 6 17
    Cotton Handwraps 15 4 15
    Cotton Shoes 15 4 15

    Accessories[edit | edit source]

    Accessories Cost
    Hearty Ring 4461

    Consumables[edit | edit source]

    Consumables (Reagents) Cost
    Black Cohosh x 8 48
    Softscrabble Powder x 8 48

    Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

    Miscellaneous Cost
    Backpack 7500
    Lockpick x 16 60

    Location[edit | edit source]

    Rikka can always be found within The Corner Shop in Gorhart.

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    The Alfar and the Tuatha have been at each others throats for nearly a decade now. I can't remember the reason. I wonder if they can, the fools.

    when asked about the Crystal War

    You will find it settles on a small lake beside the eastern road. Compared to Gorhart, Didenhil could be called a city.

    when asked about Didenhil

    The Fae are elemental creatures, magical and strange. None too considerate of us mortals, either. They see us like pets, or worse, like bugs.

    It's best that you stay out of the eastern forest. I've seen things that you can't even imagine. The road is dark and dangerous, and it's a long hike to Didenhil.

    when asked about Fae

    Some call it the Camp of Cowards on account of it being settled by those who refuse to enter the forest. Can you blame them? Never trust a wood that whispers.

    There's Nettie the smith, and Nanne handles potions and remedies. The Inn's across the way if you fancy a pint. Keep an eye out for the Red Legion, though.

    when asked about Gorhart Village.

    Oh, I doubt it's an organized group. More likely that it's one scared idiot with a knife. I heard someone in the village mention the Red Legion, but that can't be true.

    when asked about the Red Legion

    Me? Widowed going on five years now. All my boys were taken by the Tuatha. Both sons, my brother, and my beloved Avery. Wicked business this war.

    when asked about herself

    I told you, I will say no more on this matter.

    when asked about the Tuatha

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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