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The Askers took me in when my Pa was killed in the war. That's been nearly ten years. Now this is my home, pretty. It's where you'll find me every day and every night.


Riona Helt is the bartender (and probably keeper) of Asker's Alley, a Tavern in Ysa. She is friendly to every new customer and willingly gives directions. She adores the Fae woman Olaana.

She sells various goods, offers a bedroll for resting in the tavern, when asked about "Hexes" she points to a woman named Cali, where customers can gamble.

Riona sells various goods, from weapons and armor to potions. She also has miscellaneous recipes, repair kits and even lockpicks in store.


She can always be found in Felltown at Asker's Alley in the Gardens of Ysa.


As a merchant, Riona Helt sells armor, accessories, and the following items:

Ring of Expansion [+2% Exp] - 11560 g
Potions (Consumables) - 1117 g
Reagents (Consumables)


Hello there, pretty! Come, talk a spell.
Hey there, pretty. This is Asker's Alley, best tavern in Ysa. Only tavern in Ysa, of course, but you didn't know that, did ya? If you're new in the city I can help. I know everything... about the Understyle, the Embassy, the Scholia Arcana... you name it. I know it all!
We provide your basic public service: ale. And if drinking isn't your thing, then you can always stop by the Hexes game in back.

when asked about Asker's Alley.

Oh if I had the finery, and manners, you wouldn't find me anywhere but the Embassy Hall. I'd even buy a title. But it's dreadful place these days, what with the war. The Dokkalfar and Varani are practically at arms over their differences, and everyone speaks in whisper. I prefer the United Merchants Delegation. Those are my people.

when asked about the Embassy Hall.

When Ysa first opened, the Alfar approached the humans about creating a shared shop, so people here could get their sundries. All of this was lost on the Fae, of course. Most of the United Merchants are good people, like Wystran and Gwenna. But that blacksmith's apprentice Brit Codgan... he's a leech.

when asked about the Merchants Delegation.

So you want to brush up on your bad luck do you? That game will do it for you, all right. Speak with Cali in the back.

when asked about the Game of Hexes.

Oh, that's a sinister spot, isn't it? Even the Fae take a few extra steps to walk clear of there. Don't trust anyone in robes.

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

Like I said, it's all magic to me. If the Fae said this city got its power from glowing purple antelopes, I'd probably believe them. I'm just a hostess.

when asked about The Font.

It's the Fae neighborhood on the other side of the city. There you'll find the Hall of Appointments and the Lyceum Grove. They don't mind if you go exploring the Understyle, but I wouldn't suggest it unless you know your way around. The Fae can be easily offended.

when asked about The Understyle.

Olaana and her squire, Brio, they have the good fortune to meet with all the nobles who visit the High King. A life of lords and ladies. That's the life for me.

when asked about the Hall of Appointments.

Let me just say that I adore Olaana. She is one of the few Fae that I've met face to face, and she couldn't be more pleasant. She is such a pretty one.

when asked about Olaana.

Is that the one at the far end of the Understyle? Yeah, I think that's the place. Never been there, but folks say that's where the Fae make the waterfalls. You see, the city gets its magic from the water. They call it the Fountain. Or is it the Wellspring? I never remember. I'm sure it's just a story, anyway.

when asked about the Lyceum Grove.

Bye now.


  • You will receive a 2 tier better rates when you sell goods in the shop, after successfully completing the quest What Ales You.