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Its icon shows a valley, implied to be the Cradle of Summer.

Even though the description mentions all three Majestics, the Lorestones' text emphasizes the Shaper instead of The Carver or The Architect.


The Birth of Beauty[]

From the naked dirt sprang the Majestics, the firstborn of the wilds of Esharra.
Around them, they heard the song of splendor of a once and future summer.
And they responded. And the earth moved. The Carver shaped, The Architect built, and the Shaper composed.

Crossing the Veil[]

Departing their home beyond the veil,
the firstborn were torn asunder with a cry that still lingers in the heart of every godtree and mountain.
Then, emptiness, followed by a darkening sky, and the frost wept with the first winter.

The Shaping of Erathell[]

The Shaper bequeathed her music to the countryside of marbled ruin.
The plains birthed the gentle grass.
Listless streams meandered through the verdant hills and babbled of their gentle travel to the face of the windswept cliffs.
Thus the symphony of Erathell began.

A Passionate Work[]

Look to these open plains nestled where mire and rocky desert cease; where the hungry forests end.
In the bosom of the Faelands, these fields are home to the languid sky.
This work, shaped by the delicate artistry of an inspired painter, is for all the peoples of all lands.

Cradle of Creation[]

The summer begins here, oh mortals.
And when the final winter leaves its chill breath on the stones of your fathers and mothers, you will witness the end of days.
And it will happen here, where it began, a peaceful death in the cradle.

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