Rites of Passage
Kahrunks tower
Quest Giver Ethene
Location Southern Passage
Prerequisite The Teeth of Naros
Next Quest Shapen in Iniquity
Reward Xiphos
Faction None
Type Main Quest

Rites of Passage is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


I've been granted access to the Teeth of Naros by a strange entity that claims it brought me here. I'm supposed to "seek the Primos." I should see if there's some way for me to find out what this means.


  • After leaving the Southern Passage the Fateless One meets Secandra, a Kollossae Captain of Guard. During the conversation a group of Jottun attack the camp and Secandra witnesses the Fateless One's power.
  • Secandra requests that the Fateless One eliminates the Jottun threat by killing Kahrunk - the Jottun warchief. Scout Remes has been observing the Jottun camp and will provide more information.
  • Remes can be found north of the camp. He reveals that the secret behind Kahrunk's strength are his two Kobold shamans, who heal his wounds and provide a protective barrier around the warchief.
  • The immediate path to Kahrunk's Tower is blocked by a few Jottun, and there are several more in the back of the camp.
  • Once inside there are more Jottun, but the path to Kahrunk's Tower Peak is straightforward.

    Warchief Kahrunk

  • Immediately after entering the Fateless One is challenged by Kahrunk.
    • The easiest way to kill him is to take out the two Kobolds behind him, which will lower his damage resistance and prevent him from regenerating health. On the PC version, after killing both Kobolds they can clone one at a time.
    • However, killing him while leaving the Kobolds alive earns the achievement "The Harder They Fall. (This may only require leaving one alive, at least on PC.)
    • Ethene's Tear can be found in a nearby chest.
    • The Fateless One should then return to Secandra, who will be waiting near Remes' position.
      • The Fateless One can decide whether to kill or spare the remaining Jottun (this only changes some dialogue and has no impact on future events).
      • There may be a small impact, if you spare the Jottun here and also rescue the slaves in The Perpetual Desolations quest, the Jottun become peaceful NPCs afterwards and cannot be farmed without going criminal.

She will also give you a primal weapon (Primal Mirror for example).


The Harder They Fall
Best Kahrunk without killing his attendants.
Points 20 Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy
Beam Me Up
Use the Henge to enter Idylla.
Points 25 Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy
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