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This ancient weapon was wielded by Pan, a great Fae warrior and general in the Withering War.


This staff is part of the Rivener Tarsus quest. It has to be forged using the Rivaner Tarsus dowel - salvaged from the Dark Sliver. Because this weapon is forged by the Fateless One its exact damage breakdown and effects will vary depending on components used.

Damage Breakdown[]

  • 75 Lightning Damage
  • 25 Shocking Damage over 10 seconds


  • +20% Shocking Damage
  • +20% Shocking Duration


  • The dowel has +20% Lightning Resistance as its effect, but this is replaced by +20% to Shocking Damage and Duration when the weapon is forged, irrespective of components used.
  • Because the fateless one forged it, if you sell it and try to buy it back to obtain multiples you will only receive the base models for the price of the much better weapon. Base model was worth about 15,000 less than the one created.