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  • Talk to Ruin Imas upstairs in Motus Mining Headquarters. He will ask you to search the mines around Apotyre for special ore.
  • Collect the five(5) ore samples:
    1. Snaketail Grotto : Enter the mine. At the first split, take a right. Continue the path, then go south. At the next split, go right again and continue down. At the split, take a left, go down, take a 2nd left, then an immediate right. You should be in a "square" room. At the back of the room, loot the mining cart which contains 1 Culminite Deposit. Exit the cave by retracing your steps.
    2. Zungar Shaft : Enter the mine. At the first split, head NW (to the left). Continue on that path until you reach an area with several Kobolds. After you kill them, search the cart behind the tent to find 1 Culminite Deposit.
    3. Darkvari Mine : Enter the mine.  Follow the path around until you reach the end.  Cross over the bridge and open the chest (Very Easy lock) to find two(2) Culminite Deposits.
    4. Cynric Quarry : Inside the mine, continue walking until you reach the warehouse and turn right, the colminite is located in the mining cart.
  • Return back to Ruin Imas to complete the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~1200 and 1850 at level 30).


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Culminite deposite


  • There are 4 caves and 5 pieces. One of the caves will have 2 pieces.