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This is a guide on how you could play a Rogue-Mage and what you should focus when you build your character.

What you will find here[]

  • Pros / Cons of this type
  • Ability point arrangement
  • Possible arrangement
  • Fighting style

What you won't find here[]

  • Skill point arrangement (I will explain why)

What is the Rogue-Mage?[]

The Rogue-Mage is a Destiny that has ability points invested in Finesse and Sorcery. A Rogue-mage is the perfect type of character for you if you like sneaking up on enemies, killing the first one with an awesome move out of nowhere and finishing the rest with devastating spells while still being invincible and untouchable.

Destiny Cards[]

The goal is to reach the Shadowcaster Destiny:

  • +34% Elemental Damage
  • +20% Piercing Damage
  • +12% Chance to Critical Hit
  • +2 Mana Regen Per Second
  • Dread - Guaranteed to Critical Hit vs. enemies in Panic
  • Drain Mana - Critical Hits restore Mana
  • Cosmic Retribution - Reduces enemy elemental resistance each time you are damaged.
  • Poison Blink 3 - Short-range teleport with Poison Effect Replaces Dodge.

Dread - It makes you land critical hits, if the enemy is panicked. There are almost no abilities to make the enemies panic and none of them are in the Finesse or Sorcery tree, but a few enemies get panicked if you set them on fire (Boggarts). This ability is nice, no more, no less.

Drain Mana - Let's say you use your mana to prepare traps before starting the fight and when initiating you blast all enemies with spells that bring your mana almost down to zero. No problem, grab your daggers, hit a few enemies and see how you're mana fills up again.

Poison Blink - Instead of dodging you now teleport a small range and, in addition, you leave a poison trail behind which damages all enemies who stand within it. It's a perfect combination with your Cosmic Retribution because if you take damage then you can just teleport behind them and make use of the resistance reduction.

Pros & Cons[]

  • High amount of damage, either magical or physical.
  • Poison of the blink and the Envenomed Edge which are effective against most foes.
  • Low life
  • Weak armor
  • Tendency to die really fast if you aren't cautious.

Ability arrangement[]

I have chosen this abilities depending on what is useful and what not, also some of the spells are a must have because you need a specific amount of points to unlock better abilities.

A few points can also be spent completely different depending on which weapons you use. For example the points in Dagger mastery could also be spent in Faeblade mastery; it all depends on your play style. SorceryTalents FinesseTalents

How to play[]

Now the rogue mage is ideal for physical attacks and moves combined with fast casted spells.

When encountering large group of enemies:

Skill arrangement[]

Blacksmithing, alchemy and sagecrafting are the most valuable skills.

  • Lockpicking is not needed; instead, use skills trainers.
  • Stealth is not needed; most foes can be sneaked up from behind and they can't see you; instead, use skills trainers.
  • Detect Hidden 4 Is useful for disarming pesky traps, Detect Hidden 5 is good for finding hidden doors, which can lead to treasure rooms or short cuts. Detect Hidden 8 allows to disable traps, claiming some useful blacksmithing components.