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Root Golems function very similarly to trolls, with the exception of being able to tunnel underground and burst from beneath the player. They have the physicality of the Troll and then some. The identity with trolls in terms of enemy profile is so strong, the Root Golem may be seen as an idiovariation of the Troll racial type - the expression of its physicality and brute strength taken to the limit. Root Golems are one of the strongest enemies in the world of Amalur, but can be disposed of decently effectively if the player merely strategizes a little in tackling the monsters.

They consist of several rune-inscribed stones held together creepily by roots and vines, and are often seen carrying logs, or log-like clubs or primitive maces. The specific details are left mysterious as to their magical and overall biological capabilities. Their identity itself is purposely left eerily unspecified as hypertrophied, inexplicably unnatural expressions of infra-human energies the audience is not given to know.

Root Golems, as titanized, underground-oriented versions of mountain Trolls, possess extremely high physics-resistance, from the Troll hardihood in the face of all punishment except poison and bleeding, a pure brutal power to resist ALL three elements and both types of physical damage defines their Titanesque nature.

The Root Golem forces the player to think strategically at least at some level, because, without thinking clearly, the Fateless One can be mortally overwhelmed highly rapidly in facing the creature's pure vulgar assertion of brute force and power. Groups of three or four Root Golems attacking usually spell doom for even skilful players. On "Very Hard" difficulty, the Fateless one commonly encounters gangs of Root Golem in the remote north section of the pirate-plagued island and there is no easy, set-in-stone way of engaging the beasts. Only the elite tyrant Niskaru and end-game foes rival the Root Golem in its imposingness as an enemy.


They will sometimes throw Boggarts at the player as a ranged attack - Boggart Urchins encircle Golems usually, similar to how Boggart plague-bearers attach themselves to Threshes. Ironically, close-quarters streetfighting against the Root Golem, interrupting their scenarios of attack in a flurry of melee strikes , is probably the best modality (unless one has infinite "Greater Invisibility" potions). Chaotic, disorienting and multiple chain attacks, up close and personal can prove effective by not giving them a chance to attack back. The level of their physical resilience is so massive, any attack is going to be feel inadequate.

Root Golems, logically, drop superior-grade loot more often than not, frequently "purple" uniques and "set items" of value.