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So it's off to the war with me? Why, I've never in my life left Rathir.


Ruhnir Wesnon is a poor Dokkalfar that lives in the Wending, within the city of Rathir.


He can be found at the Wending House, in Rathir.



Welcome to the Wending, mate. I'm sorry it's some to that, but here we are, eh?

upon your first encounter with him.

Where you go when you can't find gold for a Pryderi garret or a bunk in the Quays, nor get work and servant's quarters up in some great house. If you're able, you sleep in ramshackle house. If cou can't, you sleep in the Tunnels among the mice and candles and rags.

when asked about The Wending.

Make no mistake. For the like of me, it's warm and welcome. Gelphyne buys and sells what you please. Kest deals the cards. Sparrows come and go. And the Watch come through seldom to never, which is how we like it.

when asked about the Tunnels.

Rathir! Some say it runs near as deep as it runs high. What I do know is the spire-tops full of light and magic and wealth. Down here? Shadows and rags and one daft old mage named Faldranafari.

when asked about the city of Rathir.

Oh, him? No one knows his real name. Got that name from the way he talks. Some say he was next to the Archsage, once, up spire-top. Then a spell went wrong, or his lover fell to her death. Whatever it was, broke him, it did.

when asked about Faldranafari.

While doing 'Tidings of War':

Fine night, dove, ain't it?
What's this, eh? Time to serve. Well! I always knew it might come. Not sure what they want with a poor Ruhnir Wesnon like me, but I'll go. I'll go.

upon your response: This is for you.