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Steg Darkvari, a prisoner held in a cage in the center of Whitestone, asks the Fateless One for help in escaping and retrieving his 'nest egg', so that he may start a new life with his beloved.


  • In order to free Steg the Fateless One can either pickpocket the key off Beorn, buy it from him or succeed in a Persuasion check (he will then give you the key).
  • Steg then asks for help in retrieving his 'nest egg' from the Darkvari Mine in the west.
  • The 'nest egg' (a piece of parchment, named Mysterious Parchment) is located in a chest at the very end of the mine (Steg Darkvari Trunk).
  • After leaving the mine the Fateless One is approached by Hrindi Zungar who wants to take the parchment.
    • A successful persuasion check can convince her to give up on the idea.
  • Upon returning to Steg (who is now hiding under one of the bridges running across the central valley) the Fateless One can explain the situation or lie.
    • Either way Steg gives up the Darkvari Treasure Map and the quest ends (XP and Gold, both level-based ~370 and 1100 at level 30).
    • If the Fateless One gave the map to Hrindi, Steg doesn't inquire about it, merely telling you to keep it and running away.


Steg Will give the Fateless One a map of the loot stashes in Apotyre. The map just marks the locations of random loot piles and chests in the area, and does not add anything that cannot be found by exploring.


  • After this quest Steg can be found in Adessa and will offer a comment depending on the outcome of this quest.
  • There may be a bug with the map after using the Darkvari Map, as occasionally map markers will appear on the map pointing to loot locations, then disappear shortly afterwards, regardless of whether you have found the stashes or not. (Note: This is not actually a bug. The map works just like the whistle you obtain during What Lies Beneath (which you will eventually use during Cursed Kingdom in a similar manner to the map). The items it tracks show briefly on the HUD map, then fade, requiring you to 'refresh' the 'spell' by using it again.)
  • Hrindi Zungar's body can be found near the left opening of the outermost entrance to Adessa upon completion of the quest.