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I am Lord Saramer, the High Loresage of Ysa. I am here to answer all questions regarding the House of Ballads and the House of Valor.


Saramer is a basic dispelling trainer who can be found in the Ballads Sanctuary of The Trellis within the Gardens of Ysa.


Oh! You took me by surprise. I'm not accustomed to mortals on the Trellis. Please, enter.
We are the children of the fields and fountains, a Fae body filled with a deep breath of magic. All that you see around you is ours. For many seasons we lived in these forests and canyons alone, distrusting, apart. But once we felt the call to join together, we became the Seelie.

when asked about the Court of Summer.

By choosing to lead the Summer Fae, Titarion is eternally linked to our fortunes, both day and night. He feels the waning magic as a mortal might feel his heart sink at the sight of his sunrise. When our seasons end, Titarion will be the first to enter the long winter.

when asked about High King Titarion.

This sanctuary is where the knights of our most prestigious House stay when visiting the Court of Summer. I act as their humble scribe and servant. All Summer Fae clutch the glory of the House of Ballads to its collective breast, knowing that the deeds of one are indeed the deeds of all.

when asked about the House of Ballads.

It was one of the Fae's great Houses until its leader was challenged and beaten, and the magic faded under the mortals' leadership. Now, even the Sanctuary here on the Trellis has wilted and closed as a result of our great loss. Or perhaps it's a sign of something darker...

when asked about the House of Valor.

It is meant exclusively for those close to the Summer Court, or the ambassador who wishes an audience with the High King. Our most honorable institutions reside on the Trellis, including the House of Ballads Sanctuary and what was once the House of Valor Sanctuary.

when asked about the Trellis.

May good fortune follow.