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In the margins of this weathered old journal are the daily devotionals and musings of Father Etair, spiritual leader of St. Eadric's Perpetual Mission in Haxhi.


Journal of Father Etair


A strange maiden arrived today from beyond the Sidhe. She had come about the crystal. I knew at once who she was, despite who she claimed to be. Hallam has filled my head with enough fae tales for me to recognize the Maid of Windemere.

If only I could have frozen the faces of my young charges as they watched this enchanted creature walk among them. Poor fools, they did not comprehend the danger they may face. The Maid is no mere woman, but a powerful magician who could kill any of us with the flick of her smallest finger.

I lied to her about the crystal. I had no choice. She must believe that I'm either too smart to surrender the crystal, or too stupid to have discovered it in the first place. But make no mistake. She will return, and when she does there must be no trace of what has transpired here.

I must dispose of the cursed thing as soon as possible. But where shall I do it? I beg you Mitharu, please gift me with the guidance to protect my sons, and to do the right thing.


  • In the mission What Lies Beneath you are sent by Hallam the White to visit Father Etair. When you arrive Father Etair has been murdered. The parts of his journal are scattered throughout the mission.