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Zefwyn Lan has taken a position as chief scout of Gravehal Keep. He will identify shipwrecks off the coast, and then I can dispatch him to investigate the salvage. He and I will split the spoils.


There are several different ship wreck types Zefwyn can be sent to investigate. The currently known options are listed below, along with the possible salvage Zefwyn can find.


Possible Loot

Rare Find (Unique Items)
Alfar Warship

All types of Armors
All types of Weapons
Gemcrafting Materials

Shredskin Gloves
Almain Sojourner Alchemy Reagents
Building Materials
Leggings of the High Seas
Arcane Carrack

Gemcrafting Materials
Sorcery Armor
Sorcery Weapons

Volcanic Glass Ring
Dvergan Raider Blacksmithing Materials
Building Materials
Gemcrafting Materials
Shipbuilder's Mate
Gnomish Trireme Books
Sorcery Armor
Sorcery Weapons
Bertrand Seznec (see Notes)
Whale Tooth Pendant
Lyria's Ark

Building Materials
Might Armor

Starry-Eye Pearl Necklace
Merchant Vessel

Blacksmithing Materials
Alchemy Reagents

Corsair's Shirt*
The Leviathan's Shell*
(See Notes)
Traveler Sloop

Finesse Armor

Barbed Tortoise Shell
Varani Longship

Finesse Weapons
Finesse Armor

Swashbuckler Band
Warsworn Galley

Blacksmithing Materials
Might Weapons
Might Armor
Marten Strand (see Notes)

Deckhand Boots

When on a mission it is possible that Zefwyn will be attacked, in which case he will deposit his loot somewhere and report its location to the Fateless One. Such locations will usually be guarded by stronger monsters.

There is also a small chance that Zefwyn will find a Unique or set item instead.


  • Zefwyn will offer a random choice of 3 from the vessels stated above which he can explore.
    • The list can be changed by choosing "Not right now" and trying again.
  • Once the Fateless One decides where to send him, Zefwyn will head out.
  • He will return in a day with his results (or lack of thereof). The quest log will update when he is back.
    • If Zefwyn is chased away by monsters the location of his loot bag will be marked on the map (if you mark quest as active) after talking to him. This is in either the westernmost or easternmost part of the Northern Coast area, also next to Zefwyn's Camp.


  • The quest can be repeated as desired.
  • Sleeping for 9 hours is enough to trigger an update for this quest.
  • When sending Zefwyn to salvage a Gnomish Trireme there is a chance he will rescue Bertrand Seznec, a master-level alchemy trainer. Bertrand will then offer his services in the courtyard.
    • Bertrand may also be rescued when salvaging an Arcane Carrack, an Alfar Warship or an Almain Sojourner.
  • When sending Zefwyn to salvage a Warsworn Galley there is a chance he will rescue Marten Strand a master-level stealth trainer. Marten will then offer his services in the main hall.
    • Marten Strand may also be rescued when salvaging a Traveler's Sloop or a Merchant Vessel.
  • There are three possible results for each salvaging attempt: Regular Find, Chased Away, and Rare Find.
    • The type of result is determined the moment a particular wreck is chosen (starting the task). However, as long as the result is not a Rare Find (loot is shown in table above), one can "save-abuse" to get different loot from both a Regular Find (save/load before talking to him) and Chased Away (save/load before picking up the lost bag).
  • "Regular Find" will result in the Fateless One receiving 3-5 randomized level-based items from the "type list" for each ship; for example, a Warsworn Galley will give any combination of Might Armor, Might Weapons, or Blacksmithing supplies. This set of items is determined upon talking to Zefwyn after he has returned, meaning that one can save-abuse to get a different set of items if one so desires.
    • The main reason to do this is because within those "type lists" are also included any and all of the Unique and Set Items from the base game, so it is possible to acquire one or more of those in a salvage. However, this is very rare, having a similar "drop rate" to a normal monster or chest, and they will be chosen based upon the Fateless One's level.
  • "Rare Find" event may occurs after salvaging the same location for several times. Unlike the usual dialogues as you get usual loot (including unique armor, weapons and set pieces) Zefwyn would say that he did not find anything useful on board but did find something special. If he gives the unique object, regardless how many times the game is reloaded, it won't change. If the dialogue is the usual, no matter how many times the game is reloaded, it will not change, and therefore you cannot acquire the unique item in the list above during that salvage. Thus, in order to get the Unique item, you will have to send him out again.
    • A fairly decent farming method for Uniques and Set Items starts by sending Zefwyn out for a salvage, then fast-traveling to Mudhold Fasting. Kill the Root Golem directly west of there, and then travel up the coast to kill the 4 wolves and the bear. Travel due east to find another Root Golem on top of a hill. Fast travel to Brigand's Hideaway, and run up the ramp and around the large rock. A Root Golem should spawn north of you once you have run a short ways past the rock, so turn around and kill it as well. Run south to find yet another Root Golem and 3 Arcane Bargests, kill them, and start running due west. You should find 2 Root Golems directly north of Siren's Den. Kill them, and turn north and run up the main path towards Akara-Tor. There should be a final Root Golem just east of the path near where you join it. Kill it, and fast-travel back to Zefwyn for your salvage finds. Finally, run into the keep and sleep for 2 days to reset all of the golems and repeat.
    • NOTE: This was done at max level (Level 40), so your monster configuration may differ at lower levels, which will most likely result in fewer Root Golems and thus fewer opportunities for Uniques and Set Items.
  • The Merchant Vessel's Rare Find is dependent on the piece of armor found on one of the corpses near where the Fateless One washes ashore from the destruction of The Calamity. If one arrives with a Might-dominant build, they will receive The Leviathan's Shell, and the Corsair's Shirt will be the Rare Find. However, if one arrives with a Finesse-dominant build, they will find the Corsair's Shirt on the corpse, and The Leviathan's Shell will be the Rare Find. The main exception is arriving on Gallows End with a Sorcery-dominant build, which will place The Magister's Boatcloak on the corpse, but further testing needs to be done to determine which of the other two pieces is the Rare Find from the Merchant Vessel.


  • It has been reported that after obtaining a rare item, Zefwyn sometimes comes back with another rare item. However, nothing is given to the Fateless One.
    • This will happen when Zefwyn returns with a Rare Find when salvaging an Arcane Carrack after completing the sidequest Coveting Tragedy. Due to the Volcanic Glass Ring being a shared reward for the quest and the Rare Find, Zefwyn will mention that he found something special, but nothing will be given to the Fateless One, due to only being able to receive the item once.