Scuttlecrab, as seen in conversation


Scuttlecrabs are small, brown-green animals resembling a cross between a crab and a turtle. They roam water-side areas of Ettinmere, the junction of Galafor and Acatha, all over Tywili Coast, and multiple areas all over Gallows End.

Scuttlecrabs are not treated as monsters or enemies, and thus while in sneaking they do not display the 'awareness eye'. Scuttlecrabs will always die from a single blow, but are not auto-targeted by spells or weapons.

Similarly to other animals, Scuttlecrabs can be killed to harvest components. Also known as Crables.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Upon closing in on a Scuttlecrab, the creature will raise its pincers and give a small, and mildly amusing, snarl at the Fateless One. However, it will never do any actual harm.
  • A special Scuttlecrab is needed to complete the achievement "Give her a Hand" in the Legend of Dead Kel DLC map. You must kill this special crab who ate the hand of a character. The achievement is completed by simply picking up the dismembered hand.
    • It's implied that it was the crab that cut her hand off in the first place, probably while she was laying unconscious after being shipwrecked.
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