Seila Twayn
Seila Twayn.png
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Female
  • Healing
  • Quest Giver
    Location Temple of Lyria

    Seila Twayn is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    My station is to look after the relics sacred to our order. Sadly, many of the relics we once had are now lost.

    Details[edit | edit source]

    Seila Twayn is a Dokkalfar priestess of Lyria. She grants the task 'Lyria's Lost' and, as a Healer, she can restore health, cure diseases and lift curses, all for a fee.

    Quests[edit | edit source]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    Welcome to our Temple of Lyria, I am a Daughter of Lyria, one of many Sons and Daughters who have devoted themselves here.

    upon your first encounter with her.

    When the war came, we sent one out every stronghold keep. This served two purposes: it brought faith and strength to our soldiers there, and if Rathir fell, some relics might still remain. We have announced a gold reward for their return, but, sadly, none have yet come back to us.

    when asked: Why were the relics lost?

    Please do. There are at least six that I know of, sent to the major strongholds of the Plains of Erathell. Bring any you find to me. Lyria rewards those in her favor.

    if chosen the response: I'll keep watch for them.

    The great Alfar strongholds of Erathell are Dolve Arne, Virki, Rithen, Kandrian, Dolve Wayle, and Corgan Hold.

    when asked about the Strongholds.

    More than one? Truly Lyria's fortune shines upon you. Take this as a token of her gratitude.

    upon your response: I found some relics.

    The Goddess of magic, fate, mysteries. We believe that Order and Chaos are how others want the world to be. But Lyria is concerned with what is - and what can truly change it. True wisdom is knowing the one and grasping the other.

    when asked about Lyria.

    All are welcome here to pray, to reflect and find peace. If you seek Fateweaving or the Orison, you should speak with the High Priestess.

    when asked about the Temple of Lyria.

    Priestess Seranon oversees the Temple. Though her station is high, she is gracious and open to all who visit. She will weave your fate, if you ask, or lead you on the sacred ritual we call The Orison. You should speak with her if you wish to know more.

    when asked about the High Priestess.

    The Lunar Gardens or, sometimes, the Garden of Eternal Night. Dedicated to the Goddess Lunala. How it works is a Mystery.

    when asked about the Lunar Gardens.

    Lunala is goddess of night, the moon, and what is hidden. it is said she is Lyria's handmaiden, or her daughter, or her younger sister.

    when asked about Lunala.

    It was long agi. I... I don't know very much about it. There were the Plague-times and then the Burning, and then they were over. The Second Burning came when the Tuatha broke through our defenses. They set our southern quays on fire. I remember it. I watched from here.

    when asked about the First Burning.

    It has left so many scars on our city, our souls, and the land beyond. Nor has it stopped taking life.

    when asked about The War.

    So long.

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