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An enchanted creature of the Northern Isles was said to feed on mana reflected from mortals attracted to the Arcane Veil.



Found upon an altar surrounded by Fire Mines at the end of Waterhall Down during the quest Crisis of Faith given by Brother Egan. Once retrieving it, the Fateless One will be given the 2 options:

  • Refuse to give it to them, resulting in a fight
  • Persuade them that it is cursed, keeping it without violence


  • Selkie Veil cannot be stored in your stash.
  • It is one of the few Unique items that can be salvaged.
  • Unlike many other unique armor pieces in the game, the Selkie Veil does not have a unique appearance. It is identical to the common headgear Linen Cowl.


  • Selkie Veil can sometimes get stuck in the inventory, making it impossible to sell. However one can still get rid of it by salvaging the item.


Updated Selkie Veil on Max Lvl 40