Senecer Macit
Basic Info
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Faction Domus Politica
Services Merchant

Senecer Macit is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Me? I'm the foremost scrivener we have. If you need a letter or tome duplicated, see me -- a page every three minutes, guaranteed!


Senecer Macit is a gnomish general merchant. He offers weaponry, armor, accessories, and the following:

Consumables Misc


Macit can be found in the Domus Politica in Adessa.



If Senecer Macit is sleeping in a bed he sometimes cannot be interacted with.


Ah. The guest of Sandstone Villa. I'm pleased to be of service. What do you need from us?
Once again. It is a pleasure to see you. Are you enjoying your stay at the Villa?
Though only half-built, our city already stands as a beacon of enlightenment in this desert.
when asked about Adessa
The Arcadium is where I often find what I need, be it a work of art or household item.
when asked about the Arcadium
The Garrison is one of the oldest buildings in the Walls, and nearly as old as the Livrarium.
when asked about the Garrison
The financial hub of Adessa. Larger merchant transactions take place there, instead of the Arcadium.
when asked about the Grand Bursar
The Laboratories are where most scientific and magical study takes place in Adessa.
when asked about the Laboratories
The prison is relatively new. There was no need for it when we gnomes first settled here.
when asked about the Prison
The Walls house the infrastructure of Adessa. The Bursar's, the Laboratories, the Garrison, the Prison, even the Arcadium. If you need anything, you can find it here.
when asked about The Walls


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