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Me and Arick here have come back to farm our land. We've been many years away; endured many a trial and hardship to return.


Sarabel Nareen and her husband, Arick, have returned from years abroad to try and farm their land. Finding it overgrown, she seeks your aid in recovering the Paling Wand to return the farm to its former state.


Sarabel can be found on a bluff in the northernmost part of Galafor.



Well met!
You've come to Nareen Farm. What's left of it, that is. Here we are, after years away, and it's as if, well, as if the earth's forgotten us.

upon your first encounter with her.

Oh, he's a bit quiet, I know, but he's the man for me. Wouldn't have no other.

when asked about her husband, Arick Nareen.

Without some kind of miracle, it's no farm at all. Mind you, I'm well aware that's just how Tirin's Rest wants it.

when asked about Nareen Farm.

To think we once called them friends and neighbors. Am I right, Arick? When the war came and burned our farm, they turned their backs on the likes of us.

when asked about Tirin's Rest.

Look at it, laid out before you. How many nights that we've been lonesome wanderers have I dreamed of seeing this again? And now, at last, we've returned.

when asked about Galafor.

That, or it's forgotten how to be a farm. We'll have no choice but to leave, unless some miracle comes and... Why, Arick, dear, we'd clean forgot the Paling Wand! Ah, but it's deep in the hollow, and the Adarus Hollow's not safe. Not safe at all.

when asked: The earth has forgotten you?

Well, if the stories are true, Arick's granddad used it to tame this high land and make crops grow. He'd always say how he had to return it to the Hollow, so the Hollow's magic could fill it up again.

when asked: Paling Wand?

Our seeds don't take - or they turn into other plants. The weeds grow monstrous and the tilled earth wanders out of planted rows. It's hopeless!

when asked: You can't farm at all?

You would? There are all sorts of wild Fae in there... oh, but that wand would save us. Adarus Hollow's due south, just below the bluff. If you can bring the wand to us, I don't know how we'll thank you.

if chosen the response: I'll get it for you.

So long.

Upon your return from Adarus with the Paling Wand:

You've been to the Hollow? Did you find the Paling Wand?
A thousand blessing on your head! Look, Arick! The Paling Wand. Just as your grandfather spoke of it. You've given us hope when we needed it most. We have little to offer but these herbs. Take them and bless you.

upon your response: Here is the wand.

Why, I remember her. Weasely and cruel behind folk's backs. Always trailed in Aurela's skirt-tails, whatever she did.

when asked about Graem Haille

That Aurela - she was what you'd call quite a bit... adventurous before the war came and she took up the Priestess' mantle.

when asked about Priestess Corelon.

I for one will take great joy in wishing her sour face a blessed day every time we meet.

when asked, again, about Graem Haille.

The Paling Wand will let us make a farm of this abandoned waste. Not without sweat and toil, mind you, but make it all the same.

when asked about Nareen Farm.

So long.