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I've chosen to relive the famous Fae ballad Shadow of Enfamanir, in which Sir Farrara freed the first Fae settlers of the Gardens of Ysa from the threat of Enfamanir, a dreaded Niskaru Horrinox. Enfamanir's lair is in the watery forests of the Sidhe.


This quest is initiated once placing the Fae Cairn located in the Ballads Oratory behind the echostone near the pile of uninteractive cairns into an echostone and accepting the quest. The echostone may alternately be found in the Ballads Oratory on top of the pile of Fae Cairns to the left of the Echostone.


Once the quest is intiated head to Sidhe. Enfamanir is located in the alcove east of Rundamir on the south side of the Sidhe.

Once you pass through the hollow tree entrance the niskaru will emerge from the ground. Slay the beast. The ballad completes upon finishing Enfamanir off. The body contains random loot.